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Dolly Dead


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This is an exract from the first chapter of a 2 part short story, about a killer Doll. It's based on a old story my sister used to make me piss myself with fear when I went to bed at night. Even now I find the consept scary so here it is.





“Hailey I’m coming to get you…” A soft voice echoed down the hallway. Hailey let out a silent scream quickly covering her mouth with her hands to stop the sounds of her weeping reaching the ears of her stalker.


“Hailey I’m coming to get you…” The voice repeated nearer this time and loud, a small giggle followed after that, it sounded like a little girls giggle, a immature evil laugh. Hailey slammed her eyes shut, she realised her whole body was shaking in fear. Trying her best to keep still she rolled over so she didn’t face her bedroom door and pulls her soft sheets over her face.


“Hailey I’m getting nearer…” 3 small thuds came from outside her door, this made Hailey bleed to small tears from her eyes, they dripped down her check and landed on the carpet below with a faith popping sound.


“Hailey I’m here…” The door knob on her door turn 360 degrees, it creaked as it swung open. Hailey took her hands from her eyes and placed them over her ears. She figured hearing was worst then seeing. Alas even with the extra softness Hailey could still hear the sounds of something’s footsteps. Getting closer and closer.


They where soft and made only the slightness sound, it was almost as if the person moving towards Hailey was weightless. Then…the sounds stopped. Nothing. Hailey eased her hands away from her ears, she felt the sweat drip of her fingers and onto her face.


A matter of minutes passed…no sounds reappeared from behind Hailey. It took her awhile to build up the confidence to look who was behind her but sure enough in one fluent motion she flipped herself over and gazes at what was behind her.


The truth made her more scared then she ever felt in her life.



Nothing…No one stood in her room apart from darkness. The Bedroom door was open but showed nothing but the moon light from the landing window.


Hailey’s body automatically relaxed, her sweat slowly disappeared, her eye’s became focus, her ears sharpened, her fear…had gone. Hailey breathed out one giant breath and she waited, waited for something else to happen to send her into a dizzy fiss. But nothing came.


Hailey reasoned with her fear and pulled herself out of bed to shut the open door.


“Hailey…” The voice returned, Hailey insides turned to ice, the voice came from behind her his time. She turned only to be jumped upon by the burnt and broken body of the doll she threw into the fire. The dolly grabbed her face it’s tiny plastic hands digging into her flesh drawing blood.


Hailey screamed aloud this time and hit the ground, her hands didn’t want to touch the doll and simply wobbled and flapped at the dolls face in a pathetic attempt to remove it. The dolly gripped hard then suddenly released. Hailey smacked her head against the hard carpet she blacked out slighty.

She heard these words though. And then a sharp gleaming object in Dolly’s hand raises itself above her head.


“Hailey….I KILLED YAH”


Hailey went out but felt one last moment of pain between her head and throat, something sharp stuck into her throat cutting all the way through like a needle but thicker. Hailey couldn’t breath only a thick liquid came out her mouth, red in colour.


The doll paused over her owners corpse then dragged the blade out from her throat, wiped it cleaned on Hailey’s PJ’s. Then exited out the bedroom door.

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