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GTA3 multiplayer games

Mr. Someguy

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I would like to see a game with the crazy guy from "KINGDOM COME",

5 players could be a certan ped, 1 player will be RC vehicles, & the rest are suicide bombers suicidal.gif .


the idea is the 5 peds need to stay alive, & the suicide bombers need to kill themselves to kill the 5 others. the 5 poeple need to get to a certen location, the bombers need to kill them.


The 5 men (or women) get a 9mm , the bombers get..... well it's obvious, the bomb on their chest, & detonate anytime by pressing the 'fire' button.


& the bombers only get 5 health pionts, to make it even rampage_ani.gif

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I doubt they will put complex missions and such into VC:MP and the very similar LC:MP as they will be focusing heavily on SA:MP.

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