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i need help, i'm recruting some modelers


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this is for sa


as i'm stuck i need help doing the vw beetle ( the new 1) i need some modelers who can help me out in this model..


i also need modders who know how to giva the car the best handling


you will be credited in the readme file of the mod ( if some1 helps me to put it in sa) my msn messenger e- mail is [email protected]


:edit: i already started the mod, the left side is finished but i'm still giving it shape


: yet another edit: blush.gif i was reading the rules, THIS MOD IS FOR EVERYONE, apart from stealers who make a profit by selling the mods on ebay angry.gif


any conversions MUST have my or 1 of the recruit's permission


(again if some helps me in making this car, if no 1 helps,,,,,,... i will never be able to put it in sa cryani.gif i'm still new to all this)


and yet more edits what i've done so far






as well as what you need people to do.


as i said above:


modelers to help me make a perfect model

good handling editors for perfect handling


and oh yeah i forgot, texturers make a perfect textures lol

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user posted image

user posted image
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you've got to get some screens of your progress in that post as well as what you need people to do.

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