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game freeze all the time...


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well i got a little problem, being that everytime i try to drive to woozie's four dragons casino for the first time (after completing all the verdant meadows airstrip missions) my game freezes when i try to move (whether by foot or by vehicle) to its main entrance.


as some of you may remember, if you come there the first time, there's a little cutscene, in which the main entrance of the casino is shown and in which it says to enter the casino in order to see woozie. well i played through the game 3 times and this time (being my fourth) my game freezes everytime the cutscene is showing up.

the text "enter the casino to see woozie" (or something like that) is shown and thats it. not only does my game freeze, but my entire pc as well. i have to restart it everytime and well.... this is quite annoying.


i dont know why this happens, i don't really care anyway since it's the only problem like this in my game, and i thought of simply avoiding it by turning off the cutscene, since its not an important one anyway.


well i tried searching the main.scm for the trigger to activate/deactivate the cutscene, but i had no luck.


of course i could just reinstall the game, but if i did this, i would have to reinstall all my installed mods, vehicles, etc. as well and this would be quite a hassle, since there are pretty many of them.


long talking, short meaning: all i want is to know how to disable this tiny cutscene so that i can go on with my game...any help is appreciated sad.gif

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okay, obviously nobody is able to give me a proper answer. fine.

anyway, i do not seem to be the only one whose question isn't given just a single reply...there are plenty other topics which have been viewed many times but have no replies...isn't the troubleshooting forum supposed to be a place where such questions are answered? anyway, i think i will get no help here, so could an op please move this to a place where it is read by people who know what they're doing?



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