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Joker- Skin


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Ladys & Gentlemen, THE JOKER !


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GTA: San Andreas / Joker-Skin






This is the Joker- skin for GTA: San Andreas.


The skin works only with ''Jheri Curl'' hair- style, but then in all cut- scenes, with all bodys & missions.






To install the Joker- skin, you have to download an editing- tool for

GTA: San Andreas.


1.) Unzip the following files: ''trackytop1.dff'', ''tracktr.dff'', ''tracktreris.txd'', ''trackytop2eris.txd'' & ''jhericurl.txd''.

2.) Download the Iripper- tool, version 1.8b (http://gtareactor.justgamers.de/gtareactor/index.php?page=84&action=detail&file_id=23840).

3.) Unzip the Iripper- tool & start the iRipper.exe.

4.) Open the ''player.img'' file in your GTA:San Andreas/models directory, with Iripper.

5.) Pull the unzipped files from step 1 in the opened player.img & click save.

- ! Now the skin should be installed ! -



How to use



You must buy the ''Track Top''(Joker- Jacket), ''Track Trousers'' (Joker- Trousers) & make a ''Jheri Curl''(Joker- Face).

Try to get smoke- grenades, the stick & some flowers for autentic gameplay..

Thats it !





Creator: PeRcY

Contact: ICQ # 89565962


The Joker- skin is completly done by myself.


Have Fun !




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Jules Whinfield

that is truly an awsome mod, the face is an unreal match and yet it looks kinda freaky and weird

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