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Can anyone take the clover's dff and save it as the extension that zmodeler 2.4 can open?

OR Can anyone tell me a tool to import dff's and save em as anything that -unregistered- zmodeler can open?

OR Please tell me another tool to open dff and edit cars whatsthat.gif

Thanks tounge2.gif

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No free way to inport .dff's, pay like the rest of us had to confused.gif


EDIT: Ditch that blue colour, its horrible on the eyes.

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Mhm, k then tounge2.gif ty for the answer.

Second question: is this car the most similar one to the Punisher's car? If there is another one I will modify that one tounge.gif

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There's a free way to import cars to work on. But it involves using 3dsmax which costs an arm and a leg if you wanna actually pay for it. You can always just use the trial of it. But you need Kam's script for importing .dff files. Personally I prefer 3ds over zmodeler.

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Perhaps Gmax would work too? It's interface is almost identical to 3ds MAX, but it has no rendering feat.

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