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San andreas crashes on opening -PC


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Hi, I bought san andreas on PC and to save time changing CDs when playing different games I downloaded a crack for it. The crack worked for a while but now whenever I click on the san andreas icon it comes up with an error message. I want to reinstall the game but I dont know how to keep the save files. Help please

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this is what u do


go to my documents


then u will see the gta user files copy the whole folder and sav it somewhere else and when u reinstall it just copy it over the new gta user files in the my documnets..


hope it works rahkstar2.gif

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You'll have to reinstall, oh and your save games are never deleted even when do uninstall.
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...I downloaded a crack for it...

Don't crack it whatsthat.gif

Not really any problem with cracking it. Though it may be a bit of a taboothing to do, I have been running with my SA game cracked since I got it and not had any trouble. I like to crack all my games as it is a pain in the arse flicking throug hmy Cd folder with all my games trying tofind the disk.

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