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VCMP Browser v 0.3 is out


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Here is a new version of VCMP Browser for VC:MP !

With this program, you can retrieve a list of servers and launch the game just by double clicking on one server.


The big new thing is that it is based on the web server list made by the devs. It's like loading the page, but this time the server list is downloaded to VCMP Browser.

This means that you can now see the player number and all that stuff locally.

Other things that have changed :

- XP Style

- faster

- easy to use ("refresh" and "download list" are now just one button called "Update list")

- remembers the window position and size

- and other things you will notice...


Hope you'll enjoy !

And don't forget : this is not official, it's just a tool meant to help playing vcmp 0.1b wink.gif


Link :

VCMP Browser v 0.3


Big thanks to Statico for his parse method !

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Cool! Thanks for the new server browser. I like the new XP style GUI.

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Sure you gave the good vice city path ? Besides we've tested this and it works for every tester. So try to correct the vice path, and then tell me.

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Vercetti Gangsta

If you only could do it able so you could copy the IP or rename the server. Then it would be perfect! smile.gif

But very, very, well done! smile.gif Great job. And yes, why doesnt he have a karma!!11oneone ph34r.gif

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Thanks to everybody for the support smile.gif


About editing or copy/paste server ip, might be doable with a right menu click or something like that. I think I can improve the program a bit when I have some time and when I have a bigger list of things ot implement wink.gif


For now, even if it's boring to do I know, you can export your list through the server menu and open the ini file, then copy paste ; could be ok for a small fix until a better solution.

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