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Movie Maker 2 Problem.

Hell No..

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Right, ive never had a problem with MM ever, so it seems weird asking. But ive made a video and it wont save atall! It says something about Virtual Memory. Now, ive gone and uninstalled alot of things and deleted alot of things and cleared about 15GB of space. Ive also put the Virtual Memory up to 1024MB which is the maximum we have. The computer has gone really really weird the past hour. One time I tried to play the video and it said "Ran Out Of Memory". I dont know what to do because I wanted the video online by tonight. cryani.gif Once it said it couldnt even open Word. cry.gif





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My mistake, I forgot to have you do a full Spybot scan, full Spywareware blaster install, a full virus scan, and an Ad-Aware run through.







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