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After installing the v1.01 patch I can no longer look with using the mouse, unless i'm using and 'aiming' weapon, such ass the sniper rifle. I can't use the mouse to shoot in the shooting range either.

Most of the time I use a ps2 style joypad from Game. Is it just that i no longer use SAAC due to it not working with v1.01 or something else?


Thanks alot,





Windows XP pro (SP2)

Intel P4 3.0GHz

1024Mb RAM

NVidia GeForve FX 5700 (256Mb)

SB Live 5.1 Digital

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Check the settings in the control method options. Put it to ''mouse + keyboard'' mode if its not already set that way. Also, unplug your joypad and try playing with the mouse and keyboard only. See if that helps.

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