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[SNP]Denice dancing


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Hi you guys again.

I've been trying this for 5-6 times, but I just can't do it.

At Denice Robinson girlfriend when I have to dance with her in Alhambra, the most I can do is 2080 points.

Can someone do it for me and if it's required again for 100% progress with her.


The Save File

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Tried to do it for you. Denise wasn't at home, so I saved a couple of times. When she finally was at homel, all she asked me was to drive around.

Perhaps you could try this too.




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If you save before a date and it's a date you don't like, you can reload and go back to your girlfriend's house. I tried to avoid a dancing date and after the 3rd try, she wanted to go out to eat. wink.gif

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or what you can try is go into a ballas territory and let Denise do drive-by on them. after a while she will be satisfied and will ask you to take her home. a successful date.


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe















If you still want this done please post a New Topic wink.gif

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