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[SNP] Key to Her Heart


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It seems to b like impossible to pass that mission with hot coffee... can any1 please help me do sumthin to remove it?

Mission: Key to Her Heart (hot coffee modded)


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Warning, No DO NOT use those patches if your using the mod script


On a game that's already using Hot Coffee mod script if you use the patches you will be unable to load your saved games.


What I have used for others with the same problem is this.


You have to continue to use the Hot coffee mods script or else you have to start the game all over. But by using the sacensor.exe program that is included with some versions you can turn the censorship back on even with the mod in place.


I'll have a look at your save for you.

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For: FewShots

Missions: Key to her heart - Hot coffee modded

Helper: Rob1165

Link: http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...03d4514f01d41c0


Notes: Saved back at the Goldern Dragon Casino. Have the keycard (Millie's at 100%). Your hot coffee status is turned off and so you will only get the 'outside' coffee action scenes after dates (use sacensor.exe to turn it back on if you want).


Original save now censored




Notes: Just merely flipped the censors flag back on and saved.



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