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official screens?


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Vincent Benedetti (Ben Vercetti)

First things first: Yeah, I will buy a f*cking PSP and I will buy LCS.

(Honk if you felt like rather playing Tony than the mute bastard in GTA3)


But well... is it just me or is this console really showing off the limitations of today's technology so bad? I mean, don't get me wrong but... let's get this in a nice and positive way... THE GRAPHICS ARE LOOKING MUCH WORSE AS IN GTA 3 HELLUVAsh*tGODDAMN! (lol)


Nice screens man, do doubt about it. But the fact, that the quality of the screens is pretty good really shows off the downside of this.






And: "Eh Homes, the yay is leaving San Fierro - and dem Trees are lookin pretty much 2D to me too..."


*lol* Don't take it too serious...


B. V.

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Nice high quality screens!


Vincent Benedetti (Ben Vercetti) Im sure that when you see the game on the actual PSP its gonna look a lot better, those screens were not officially released by rahkstar2.gif so maybe the game is gonna look better

Edited by viniciusdcs
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The trees in GTA3 were 2D, well most of them, it was rather rare to bump into a solid tree. And because there redoing Liberty City, they may aswell keep the trees looking the same, 2D. But maybe well get a surprise and get 3D trees everywhere, but I dont think the PSP will be able to get that many 3D trees into a game seeing as there only using a UMD disc. SO dont expect San Andreas graphics.

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lol, Rockstar asked them to remove the screenshots.

So it seems they are official then, great job on bringing the screens to our thirsty attention flying_fox!, ‘tis a pity they aren't new...nonetheless, they're brilliant quality. Thanks again.


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