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Patch 1.1 - A glitch ?


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hello guyz,


me recently installed the new patch 1.1 from rockstar website.


Now the games showing V1.1 installed on my machine.


but i see no difference - the main thing i had installed the patch was because it has an ability to wash/clean the car when Re-painted.


But still - i am having dirty cars - they simply are not getting cleaned.


Any-one else also experienced this Glitch OR does the new patch really works what it tells.


I do not use any cheats/thirparty software

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firstly the patch is 1.01.


As for the dirty cars I myself have never noticed\tried to was them or that. I know however that there are some cars that do not get cleaned or do not get dirty.

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You clean the cars in the save game garages, in pay&spray, and in the tuning shops I think.

wash/clean the car when Re-painted.


He knows that already tounge.gif

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