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Save Game Problem


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Hi Guys!


I got a Huge Problem with my installed GTA-San Andreas!


A few Weeks Ago i´ve installed GTA-San Andreas and everything worked fine but then yesterday i´ve installed Windows again,and guess what happens?


No the Save-Games are not lost!They are still exsisting but i cant use them,if i try to open one of my Old-Save Games they´re Title isn´t the Name of the last Mission,they´re ne name is:"Damaged Save Game" if i want to open one of these Save-Games,San Andreas says:"The Saved Game is Damaged check your Save-Game Folder"


Well,i´ve checked the Save-Game Folder and everything is Fine so i started a new Game and Saved the Game as soon at it was possible!


But the Game that i saved with the New-Started Game also says:"Damaged Save Game" nothing works!


Open one of my "Old" Save Games don´t works

Save a new Started Game dont´ works

Load that new Saved Game don´t works


The Only thing that works is the deleting function!


Please i need help!Is it possible to use my old Save-Games without re-installing GTA-San Andreas????


I´m thankfull for every help!




My System got´s:


Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1


MSI-Geforce 6600 GT 128 MB Pci-Express Edition


Amd Athlon 64 3500+ Socket 939


1024 MB Kingston&Infineon DDR-400 Ram


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And why can't you re install?



Well who says that i can´t re-install?Maybe i don´t want to?Maybe i hope their is a Patch or a Bugfix exsisting?

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Guys you won´t believe it but i fixed the Problem!!!


And gues how?Yes without re-installing GTA-San Andreas!


All i needed was this


Everything works fine now!All i needed to do was following the instructions of gtac_madlib!Now i´m be able to play my old Saved Games and to save new one´s!


This Topic can be closed now!

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