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VC problems


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In Vice City, if I have the audio set to anything other than the dsound software emulation one, everything becomes echoey, excluding radio. This is annoying because the dsound software emulation setting gives me poor quality sound in general. The setting defaults to "Creative Labs Eax", which my chip supports (Realtek ALC850), this setting works well except for the echoing.

Anyone have any info on this?


Also, a couple of other things I have noticed, when I am a medium distance from a car at night time, so that its tail lights are on, there seems to be red boxes in front of the taillights themselves that fade as i get closer. Is this normal or a glitch?

The other thing is that the main characters eyes don't look right. The eyelids are not being done properly or something. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me? (I have a Radeon 9800 Pro btw)



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Picky picky picky tounge.gif


The echo may be something to do with your sound card/driver settings. I'm assuming you searched for echo and consulted the X million other echo threads already?


The box is normal. Just the LOD model. I wouldn't notice any eyelid issue myself; Tommy always has his back to me wink.gif

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