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demolition man


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1. This is most likely a gameplay problem-- so moved to game play.

2. What exactly is your problem-- getting destroyed, running out of time???

3. If you are on PC (since you posted in this section)-- you can post your save in the Save N Play thread or you can download Demarest's Time Vault-- a handy little mod that will allow you to pass any mission just by entering the pink marker to start-- it will require you to swap some files around and to back up your "main.scm" file so you need to read and follow the directions carefully prior to using Time Vault.

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Killing everyone in the building before picking up the bombs helps.


Still, I JUST blew up the helicopter while going back to pick up the final bomb. Bah.

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Yeah, I second killing everyone in the building first before picking up the first bomb. The timer doesn't start until you pick up a bomb, so fly around in the building, kill everyone you see and get used to the controls a little. Then head back to the bombs and start the actual mission.


Drop the first bomb on the ground floor and save the fourth floor for last. The building will explode as soon as you drop the last bomb, so save that one for last so you won't waste time having to fly back to pick up another bomb. The mission's fairly easy this way.

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