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{SnP} Robbing Uncle Sam and Life's a Beach


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Well, i have this problem with special movements, i cant seem to activate em no mattter what.


So , could u help me complete robbing uncle sam and life's a beach?




PS: theres loads of cash, ammo and most stats maxed in this savegame... i didnt cheat..... except for money =\, i just drive around, killing for fun, shooting for fun.


The savegame file




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Status : Cancelled


my game crashed when i tried to load your save game. that means you have a modded main.scm. which mod did you install?

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oh man, i forgot... i instaled the common rare vehicles mod, hey, could u post the default .scm file? i wanna replace it.

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Just a note for you you're previous save game will no longer work with a different main.scm so you'll have to start a new one.

















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