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Vice City Vehicle Locations


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Is it possible to get the coordinates (x,y,z and angle) of the vehicles parked in Vice Vity single player, and does anyone know of such a list?


Thanks in advance.

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funny enough I started a list for this and included all the

Random spawned vehicles. I thought it would be very handy

but never finished it - I'll have a wee look and see how far

I got


But basically you get all the info in the Main.scm file then

search with a co-ords finder for locations. Takes an age wink.gif

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cool, can you post what you have so far (unless you are going to finish it soon)? smile.gif

also, it would be great if someone could explain to me the how to view Main.scm and search for the coords, because i know nothing about this.

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You'll need Vice Builder by Barton Waterduck - not sure where you

can download this so here's a link




Point it to your main.scm and press OK

It will decompile the main.scm into a readable text file


Search this text file with a decent text editor - or you could use

Mission Builder if you like.


Codes you're looking for - just search for 03C5 etc


03C5: create_random_car_for_carpark

014B: = init_parked_car_generator



I think there was 220 parked vehicles in VC so it's a lot of work to

organise them - THEN go looking for the exact whereabouts


You'll also need Delfi's Data Tool v2.0





good luck smile.gif

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Thanks for the help, Dicanio, I now have the info for all 241 vehicles. smile.gif

I can post the list if someone needs them.

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Searching for all of the cars, identifying them, and putting them on a map would be way too much for me. suicidal.gif

Besides, there are already plenty of maps available that show the vehicle locations in Vice.



One thing that puzzles me about the .SCM is that in many places instead of the vehicle name it says "-1 (DTN_STADDOORA)." Any idea what it means?

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