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just something I found... it's old, but interesting.





Joe Laurino's Statement

Regarding the e-mail sent to Patrick Wildenborg, creator of the GTA Hot Coffee Mod

I have to hand it to myself, I caused quite a stir, didn't I ?


Greetings, GTA Community ! I apparently have my panties in a bunch as many of you have said, and I'd like to clear a few things up here , along with publicly apologizing for the statement I made to Patrick Wildenborg, creator of the controversial GTA Hot Coffee Mod.


I should have been watching both my mouth and my head when I sent him that e-mail, which I will agree was pretty vicious. A lot of anger in it was unfounded and it was pretty unprofessional of me.


Am I just saying this to get you guys to stop flooding my mailbox ? No. I'm saying it because I mean it. I'm just in a crusade against Jack Thompson and all of those anti-videogame fools. And when Pat did expose this content, even though he never put it ON there in the first place, I got angry because it was just feeding that bastard more ammo , and for what ? A clothed guy getting a (expletive deleted) , so you guys can get ten more minutes of enjoyment out of the game ?


But I'm getting off track. Do I take back what I said ? Yes. Am I sorry ? Of course. Did I get my panties in a a bunch ? If I wore panties, then yes, I would have. The last thing I need at this point in my life is for my name, which isn't WIDELY known, to be tarnished as a guy who badmouthed one programmer.


There. I backed off. If you guys could too, that'd be nice. I throw up the white flag on this one. Some battles you fight, some battles you surrender and admit what you did was wrong, and this is one of them.


I do have to say one more thing, however. What was said to Patrick was not meant to be seen by anyone else. I did not intend for this e-mail to leak out onto the internet, and it was never my intention to embarrass/insult him in front of a public crowd ; what I believed this e-mail would be was a conversation between Patrick and myself.


Joe Laurino







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