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Background music and perma-fog


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Is it possible to trigger looping daylight background music from 6am to 9pm and nighttime music from 9pm to 6am and a seperate looping song for safehouses and food places? Also, is there any way to keep the fog cheat on permanently once triggered via SCM editing? I'm a total newbie to coding as well. smile.gif


I was thinking of this for my "The Silence of San Andreas" minimod.

Edited by Chrisdragon
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I'll be honest with you: I don't even understand your music question.


As for fog, there's 2 answers. SCM is capable of setting the weather. But it is incapable of having anything to do with most cheats. So you'd have to simulate it.

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I meant keeping a looping background music song (ambient) until 21:00 in which it fades out and is replaced by a different looping one till 06:00.


As for SCM, what would be edited to keep permafog as if I toggled the Fog cheat on as well as making the fog thicker? blink.gif

Edited by Chrisdragon
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I don't know as I'm not familiar with the fog cheat. Maybe a loop that continuously set the weather to foggy? Not sure because I've heard that real time mods all have an issue with steering weather at all.
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I wasn't referring to the music. I don't know what exactly you mean by "external file", but mission coding pretty much is the editing of main.scm and/or script.img only.
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i think he means like being able to listen to music when ure playing like say cj having a ipod all the time

As if it's background music in most games..

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Right now, hardly anyone found a way to crack into SA's audio files. So you can't play custom background noises yet.
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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

u can use ipl to add music to areas tho. But u can ONLY add music used some were in the game. have a look in audozone and see if theres any u might like.

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