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Driving School Not Working


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i have a problem with my game save. for some reason the first level of the driving school will not start. I get in the level and i can do the burnout but all the game does is sit there. i have tried everything i could think of. i have an xbox with the hot coffee mod installed would that be messing with the driving school? if anybody has any suggestions for me please let me know. Thanks confused.gif

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from what i know if you use hot cofee after starting the game already ( i mean, you played, then you heard of it, then you install cofee) , your save games go corrupt, im not sure, ut i never tried it simply cause i have no need of looking at animated pixels f*cking around... my bet would be to take hot cofee off

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actually i started a new game after i installed the hack. I was just wondering if that could caue part of the game to actually not work.

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