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open all shops at start of game


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does the open all shops cheat at the start of the game actually work


i've tried it several times but i can't seem to stop the cut-scene at the exact time.


can anyone help me


a screenshot of the perfect time just before tenpenny throws cj out the car would be perfect


rampage_ani.gif cheers rahkstar2.gif

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Well you can't ask any questions there anymore angry.gif , you don't have to stop the scenes you only have to watch them and enter the jetpack cheat. -Slurp Slurp, Hmmm... Sprunk!

So don't stop the scene but watch them and while you are watching the 3rd scene enter jetpack cheat and after that do nothing

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the page where i got the cheat from described it wrong die.gif

No Problem I still use the bug and I started new games 500000x. Me running around in a modded Savanna with a suit from DS without even starting the first mission inlove.gif -Slurp Slurp, Hmmm... Sprunk!

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