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Dope Wars 4 San Andreas


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Ok heres the deal:


I suck at coding couldnt even get a multi-menu working..


Patrick got one coded up (i kept causing loops with it but im sure someone with talent could put it to good use) "http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=200415&hl="


So, what dope wars needs at a minimum to work


5 Static Spawns with little red mission markers (like lowrider comp, mayb just in the first city to start with)


a couple sets of variables to hold price data (Values of current stash (quantity + bought for price)


an algorithm that determines price fluctuation and possible super cheap / super expensive ((open source dope wars on sourceforge.com might be our solution there as long as we give proper credit to them))


That would be a working mod..


Things to add after that:


more static spawns with different prices (such as cheap weed from the hillbilly's, cheap heroin every tuesday down at the docks, cheap coke behind the police station, cheap morphine and expensive coke behind the hospital etc etc..)


a random chance of cops being sicced after you (ie. got NARC'd out)

Cops when they go after you should be more viscious than yer average 2 star chase or its not enough of a pain in the ass like in the origional dope wars (unless by running from them you lose time and the goal is to make as much as possible within some time limit...)


cell phone should ring with "tips" on what will be cheap or expensive just like in oldsk00l dope wars and sometimes the tips should be wrong (not as often as they're right tho)

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I agree this would be a great addition to San Andreas. Even better, Rockstar could build drug dealing into GTA4. I'd like it if the main player in the game could buy anything on his own and then distribute it however he (or she) wants. So, for example, buy every dealers complete supply and then either sell in quantity and save time but make less money or deal directly to the consumer and take more time but make more money. Anyway, I think it would pass the free time in the game very nicely. Obviously, the law would have to get involved if they were wise to the illegal dealings of the player. This would expand the open ended gaming experience of the game and provide another good reason to drive around, shoot guns, make money and pimp.


You can go here to SourceForge.net to download Dopewars


-Natedogg devil.gif

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