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Will my PC run this game?


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Maybe. You have a good processor and RAM, but with that graphic card the game will run VERY sluggy. It may even hace graphic corruption, probably, if your card is integrated or not very good.

BTW, why would you buy a 32MB card instead of one of, at least, 64MB? In fact, why you would have a 32MB card with THOSE specs? The best you could do is buy a good card with high amount of RAM.

But, I used to play it fairly decent with less power than that, and it was playable, so, yes, it will run it, even though it won't be smooth and perfect.

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-pokes the 32MB video card min requriment-


The games only £10.. dunno how much that is in $.. probs about $25. XD


Anyway.. we'll see what happens.

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I can play it wery well with these specs:


1.0 GHz Pent. 3

Integrated inte 82815 graphics


If you have something equivelent, or better, you should play it fine. biggrin.gif

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