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Quirks of a striped main.scm


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In an attempt to break into modding SA I decided to have a look at how the game worked when running on a striped main.scm, specifically Steve-m's one that acompanies the map cleaner program.


During play I came across some oddities that I wasn't expecting, for example parked cars were spawning, which I thought only happened if they were told to via the scm. A variation on that theme was cars were spawnig in police station car parks, however they were not police cars.


Can someone explain why this is occuring?


EDIT: And yet vehicles like the Bullet that spawns in SF and the two NRG's in LS are still present. Are these spawn points hard coded some of which are controlled via the scm and others allowed to spawn cars at random?

Edited by Xune
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Thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate the time for what must be a simple matter.


To take things further, is it possible for commands in the scm to over-ride those laid down in the map file. For example forcing what would normaly be a random spawn point to only spawn a specific car, or for that matter not at all?

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I doubt it. What MAY work is creating a generator at the exact same spot as the one defined through the map files, in the hope that the scripted one takes priority over the map-defined one.

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It actually is possible. You should take a look at the IPL topic, started by Space Einstien in the map section. There, IPL car spawning is outlined by Hammer 83..


But... There are what I have dubbed "ghost paths" in the game, and perhaps those are ghost spawns. At a certain area in my map-cleaned installation, as I drive up some of the varius roads I have created there are sometimes lines of vehicle driving along in a line with no ground under them. Strange, but true. Understandable as at about the exact same places in the original game I've seen cars driving in the air.

Edited by dertyjerzian
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Very interesting, I've bookmarked that for future reference (I'm currently trying to unravel another problem).


Thanks dertyjerzian.

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