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About 2 years ago a new company called Media Mobsters realesed a game called Gangland for the PC. The game had a prety good SP campaign, and online was fun. The game was a SIM/RPG/RTS, wicth seemed like a good combonation. But the game never really took off. Im gussing it was because of the lack of concern for onlie play, MM dident really give us much to work with here. Media Mobsters has admitted to making these mistakes and annoced Gangland 2 would be coming out in the near futer... Well now is the near futer and im finaly seeing some screen shots, and Media Mobsters also changed there company name to Sirius Games. It dosent look like the Ganglands old camra angle, or even style of gameplay. It actuly kinda reminded me of GTA or something. Anyway heres some pics.











From the pics there the game looks prety good, and Im anxious to see some of the new featers in the game. Just wounder what you guys thought of the game.

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Niiice! I wanna know more about this game, it looks good.

Lol, I wish more people had this much enthusiasm when Gangland came out. Anyway there really isent that much info, but you can check Sirius Games for updates and to check out Gangland and what its got to offer to.

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