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GeForce FX 5200 crash (on PC)


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Whenever i double click the icon to start up the game, it goes to fullscreen and a dialogue comes up saying it had an error and i can click either send or dont send. then my computer either restarts or shutsdown. when i start it back up it says the system had a serious error and i click send and it says that the video card driver was the cause.





I have an nvidia geforce fx5200 128mb

AMD 3000+

512mb ram

windows xp sp1

directx 9.0c



i appreciate all the help, thanks

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nevermind i figured out the problem, my video card is good, but i didnt have enough RAM, i know 512mb is good, but my other programs were using it up, so b4 i play, i gotta close 'em


is it possible to delete this post, or its supposed to stay?


im new here so i dont know...

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Mike0 as a matter of fact, it was Norton internet security 2005 mostly, and some other stuff, like my zip program, and messengers


but norton the most, like trible the others




PS: i used Security Task Manager v1.6.5.0 to close processes

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