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Super crime city


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We are making a total conversion mod for VC.


It's called: Super crime city


We still need some moddelers to help.


What we need:


1. Car moddelers


2. normal moddelers ( house bluiders etc. )


3. Somebody that hase some good idea's. ( extra )


We already have a site, forum and a team.


here you can see how the island looks like:




And here you can see what is finishd:




And we already have 4 mainrolskins ready.


If you are interested please pm me.


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yeah it's a great mod


i'm the leader and we got a forum jou can pm me of rick if you want the link,it is into the dutch dont forget!


pm me of rick for the forum link


P.S. i can not so great englisch ,forgive me if a had it wrong


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i wish to aply for the position of guy who has grat ideas if im in a\ill tell you s big idea im thinking of kapis

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Vercetti Gangsta
Well first of all it could be good to know what's the idea about it.... MORE INFORMATION! ph34r.gif More ideas! And offcourse screenshots! Where is it!? People wont join if they dont know what's the..... Story.... Euhm.... My point is that you need to show us some more info. Especially pics tounge.gif Edited by Vercetti Gangsta
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