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When cops and gangstas kill your gameplay


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I have noticed that the police and enemy gangstas have a damned firing accuracy when they are shooting at CJ...

So much accurate that you cannot avoid their bulets, even when you run sideways from their fire...

Then, i decided to recrut some gangs members to protect CJ...

Don't expect anything from them!

They could miss an elephant at hand ! sarcasm.gif

Altough, when the same weapons are in the hand of Ballas or Cops, they seems to do not produce recoil anymore, as if by magic.... dozingoff.gif

The magic in question could be also called "game balance", i think.... sigh.gif

Where could i modify accuracy parameter of the cops and gangs members?

I think there is a such parameter in pedstats.dat, but i don't know which one...

Since i don't know exactly where i would post this topic (mod or general discussion), i post it in the

general discussion...

I surely made some english mistakes ( French aren't the best english speaker, isn't it ? Je vous rassure, c'est réciproque! wink.gif ) , so i hope it is comprehensible enough...

Thanks in advance.

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R* improved the shooting of the Police so it would be more realistic. They are meant to be trained in shooting among other things IRL so I would expect them to be ale to shoot you accurately in the game.


As for your gang members, I admit sometimes they are a bit slow, but with a click or press of button (depending if you have PC or PS2/X-Box version) you can call them over to help you.


For altering the game check out the troubleshooting section for help.


(Dont use so many smilies in future)


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