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I cant use special movement


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Hey, i just bought gta sa today and im at the stealing from uncle sam's mission. Its where u go to the national guard depot and steal the crates. You see, when i went in the forklift and pressed numpad 8, the fork doesnt go up! i tried pressing the alternate keys ( end, del ) and it doesnt work either! i checked the controls and the keys were correct. The only cheats i used is spawning those limos.


Help me find a solution to this problem as i cant go any furthur in the game with the problem.

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Man, I've never heard anything like that happen in SA.


The one piece of advice I can offer is to temporarily move GTA_SA.SET from the user files and start a new game. SA will create a new one the net time it starts, but if it doesnt fix it at least you backed up your settings by moving and not deleting gta_sa.set, locatable in san an user files in your documents folder.


Good luck confused.gif

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well, i backed up the file and started the game.... still not working....... man this sucks.


Ill just have to SnP then.

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Put the controls to default.

Unplug any joypads if you have any.

Or delete gta_sa.set

You have to HOLD the numpad 8 button to lift it. So HOLD it for a longer period of time. Dont just press it. Maybe that's the problem.


Maybe your pressing more than two buttons at a time. Stop the car and then press and hold only numpad 8. (with NUM LOCK ON)


Does numpad 8 work in windows. Maybe the button doesn't work at all.

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