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GTANet's Rules on Vehicle Model Conversions

Effective immediately

Conversions should be seen as a last resort. If for some reason the original author is UNABLE to convert the model, or is unwilling due to lack of time/personal life et all, then the model may be converted under and ONLY under the following condition;

The original author of the model MUST, THEMSELF, publicly state by posting here at gtaf in the topic where the vehicle is being converted, that he/she allows it. This is not open for debate / discussion, this is final.


If the original author is unavailable or can't be contacted, the conversion may not be done.


Related issues:

-"tuning" - tuning a vehicle requires the same level of verification as a conversion. it can only be done if the original model author posts in the topic where the tuning is being done, that it is approved. Tuning is defined as any modifications to a vehicle or its supporting files, with intent to distribute.

-Converting R* cars between gta games is allowed. it's a common practice, everyone who has gta installed has access to these vehicles, and getting R*'s permission simply won't happen. no point in trying to stop access to something you already have.

-"Free" models from websites - as long as it's under a GPL-type license, then it's allowed. and being under that license, you must also redistribute the license with the vehicle (if applicable), in addition to the other car files. If no license is provided with the model, include a link to where it was originally obtained.

-Models that require permission from a corporate entity, like EA Games, aren't allowed for conversions period (with the R* exception listed above).


Failure to meet the above criteria will result in at minimum, a locked topic and verbal warning.


How are we suppose to get permission from EA games to use one of their models?

You aren't. And converting EA's models has never actually been allowed. There were "unwritten" rules on conversions before and they were dealt with differently depending on the mod who dealt with them, and the circumstances. This is a way of making them "official". GTANet wishes to promote more originality and creativity in its modders/modelers, and this is a step toward making that more possible.


An additional note...

ANYONE caught posing as an original author by falsely registering an account will be instantly and forever banned, no exceptions.


Since common sense isn't "common" for some people, the rules have been edited from GTAF to GTANet, which encompasses the entire gta network, including gtagarage and gtaforums.


Go here and proceed onwards if you think the rules are too strict.


Staff note - changes to the rules should be discussed beforehand. So take it up in the appropriate place first, before moving or deleting any topics relating to the rules.

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