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Weird Vortex at Bayside Tunnel beach


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Hey there. I was racing around my usual spots earlier and I ran across this anomaly. Apparently, someone has else posted a blurb about it already at another forum. Here is the link.


Anyway, if you goto the beach area by Bayside Tunnel, you can find this ghost vortex. This area is just a bit north of the boating school. My experience was first seeing something weird out in the water. It was in one spot, but it had water flowing around it like it had its engines running or something, I went to look closer and saw it was Vortex. The weird thing was, it had water splashing all around it. Also, it had no driver. I blew it up and things got really weird! First, the boat continued moving and water splashed all around it, even after being blown up! To top things off, then comes another ghost vortex driving down the beach! I thought it might be beach police using a vortex. It turns out it was just another ghost vortex with no driver. It drove itself down the beach and then into the water. In the end they both vanished and I did not stick around long enough to see if another ghost vortex came.


Has anyone else had a weird trip with the ghost vortex? Here is a picture of where it it spawns:


user posted image


This is in the Northwest corner of the map.


-Natedogg devil.gif

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The vortex spawns on the beach and sometimes it slides down the beach and into the water. The water splashing around it is from the air that comes out of the vortex to make it hover. cool.gif

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original gangster

not a 'ghost' vortex, they just slide down hills and slopes very easily.

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I call it "some spawn monkey left the motor running when he spawned that vortex there and gravity took over" tounge.gif
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I was playing a couple of days ago on the PC version and took a jog across the SF golf course. As I was running around, I noticed three golf carts following the golf cart preset path ... only one of them was a stallion. No sh*t. The stallion was perfectly keeping to the same trail as the carts were taking. So I shot at it, and a golfer with a club gets out and attacks me.


Dodgy spawning may possibly be a result of the mods I've installed though...


I also cannot buy clothes, as cycling through the least posp me out side the changing room - I can still try on clothes, but I cna't EXIT the changing room. Sucks.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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Hm never heard of it before I guess im out of the loop. Kinda neat though.
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San andreas master

This is very old. It dates back to the "Ghost Hunters" cryani.gifsuicidal.gif - ѕ.а.м

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