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2010 Dodge Challenger

Neo-K 182

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the 1st concept is looking very nice and very similar to the good ol' Challenger. it should have a stripe on the side like the 2nd concept imo. the grille is looking fugly.


the grille on the second concept makes me think about '71 Plymouth Barracuda grille:


user posted image


however, i'm afraid that SYN is right and they're going to f*ck it up.


damn modern cars. confused.gif

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the first concept is just pure beauty, very retro yet very modern, this is the way that designers should follow when making re-inacarnations of legendary cars like challenger is, the second is just fugly

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The first pics looks better then the 2nd. That said it would look to much like the current mustang to be considered innovative. Plus I think the rear end of the stang looks like sh*t so if Dodge could come up with something better then I'd take a serious look at it. As long as they put something in it with balls they can charge w/e they want in comparision to the mustang.


To who ever that said the Ram SRT10 sucks...you obviously have never rode in one let alone driven one. They should be sold with heart monitiors.

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I like the concept, but our luck is that Dodge/Chrysler/MB USA are going to rape the car, take away its looks but somehow throw in a decent engine and a later released preformance package.


I also, when buying a car, want it to look nice, but I can pass up looks for a 2005 Dodge charger SRT-8.



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