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Is this vertex corruption?


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I have no picture but I will describe what happens.


Basically the verteces of certain objects in the game jut out by quite a distance, some of the peds become balls of unrecogniseable spikes with the skin distorted across them. I've not had this problem before. I have just installed the latest Radeon drivers for my 9600 Pro and it only started after that. It's either a Play GTA3 with some strange corruption to models, or I play San andreas in crap resolution and have to put up with reduced support for those "The way it's meant to be played" post-processing effects.


Is there a middle way? A way to solve it?

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u mentioned that you have to play San An with crap graphics. is it GTA 3 or GTA San Andreas you're talking about?


You might have to uninstall what you installed. that program might be the problem.

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