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Wierd reflection at night


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Can anyone help me on this Audi A8, I converted it for my own use

and done everything correctly but i seem to get this wierd reflection

that i can't get rid of, It only happen's at night when a light post or some headlight's shine of it, i heard this happend to somebody else on this forum but can't find the post.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


as you can see the audi has dull and mixed colour on the side of the car

but during day time it's gone


please help cryani.gif

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if anyone could help me with this reflection i'm going to ask permission for the release on gta san andreas. i will convet it to accept all modding part's in arch angels and have ago on adding the 3 txd files. this car is really detailed it even has a seperate bulb for the small light's on the bottom of the bumper. I am heading for a road version and a

toca touring car racer. that's if permission is ok.



HAIL TO THE COOKIE rahkstar2.gifrahkstar2.gif

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Looks similar or close to a simple case of really really sh*tty specular, you can see vertex based ugliness all over the accused picture, which would be down to bad handling of the mesh by whoever set up the smooth groups dozingoff.gif


Shrug, maybe you should get those permissions before trying to play around with the car.



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Thank's Augh

so does this mean it's stuck like that or could you tell me how to fix it.

i was going to ask permission when i got rid of this problem but if i can't get rid of it

i'm just going to stop with the conversion and there for no need to ask permission.


but i would be very greatfull if you could tell me what need's doing to the vehicle.


HAIL TO AUGH rahkstar2.gifrahkstar2.gif

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Hmm, I dont know, I tried a few things on it myself, I got a new reflection on it, but it still looked like chrome bored.gif


P.S - You have mail rampage_ani.gif

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Hey Augh thank's alot mate you steered me in the right way

i fixed it, i went in to the mesh in the modifier list and just collapsed

the area which was problem.


(Personel Note)

I don't know why some poeple think converting car's is wrong

because it open's door's to novice modeler's and learn how

gta is put together and made.


Once again thank's Augh


user posted image



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Wow, it really was that. Or something connected. Truly I think it was more likely coincidence.


I'm glad you're learning the ropes, but there's truly much better ways. I'm probably speakin to deaf ears though. Just remember to keep up the respecting permissions thing, that's a good start.


Hehe the hailing is gratifying but a little misplaced possibly lol.gif


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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Thank's augh, i'm looking in to try modeling for myself but you info really helped me

because i really wanted to get rid of that bug because this audi is really cool

and the reflection is second to none.

I would post a picture of it but there's just been a new rule pinned 'bummer man'

but my next job is getting in touch with the author and asking permssion to release it.

So whatch this space.


thank's again Augh


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