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New info:

"Look at the PSP. Okay, Now look at the PS2 Dual Shock pad. Spot the difference? There's an analogue knob missing, two sholder buttons and no L3 or R3 clicky bits. So how did they accommodate one of the most varied and flexible action games with significantly less buttons? Well, by thinking smart.

The main problem is that the missing right analogue stick and the second shoulder buttons controlled the camera, which is hugely important. So now there's a combo of buttons needed to look around - just hold down the L1 button and manipulate the analogue stick and all will be revealed.

There's just one problem with this technique, as when you're doing drive-bys you can't use the analogue stick to steer and look sideways. So you have to maintain a straight line while attacking. And it's a little trickier to reverse.

The D-pad is used more than it was before, as it's here that you change weapons. But apart from that, everything is as you'd expect.

So if the GTA controls are stored in your finger memory like it is in ours, then you're jacking cars and capping asses in no time"


"The targeting works just as you'd expect: squeeze the R1 button and the auto-aim will lock onto the first target - you can then flick between targets with the D-pad. Rockstar has said this is an enhanced targeting system, but the improvements aren't immediatly apparent - it functions the same and looks the same as in San Andreas; it's just better at differentiating from bodies that offer a threat or none at all."


"The floating T-shirt is where you change clothes - just walk into it and Toni will be able to choose between whole outfits rather than the individual items of clothing like San Andreas."



Use boats

Ride bikes

Change clothes

Enter selected buildings

Speak in cutscenes

Move while shooting



Swim - He's a drowner

Climb - He can jump but that's it

Ride push bikes - Doesnt suit his style

Eat - Toni's wieght stays constant

Change appearance of specific body parts

Fly planes or helicopters

Go to a gym and work out

Have driving and shooting skills upgraded - Like in San Andreas





Courtesy: GTA:Sanandreas/forums sign-thompson.gif

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Heh, hadn't seen that before. Thanks for posting it. I'm glad we've got motorbikes biggrin.gif


fun for stunting cool.gif

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