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are you sick and tired of lucas arts making a gazilion star wars games on the sake of some of the best point and click advantures.than sign in here by saying yes and signing this petition you must obey some coditions

1.that you wont buy any lucas arts games until the stop the anti-advature program

2.that you will give your real name and last name

3.that you are exzactly or over 13 year old


ok herhe goes


1.Dusan Vejnovic Belgrade,Serbia

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Is it just me or is this spam. What is the point of this honestly? Sure Lucas Arts make plenty of games but atleast they are mostly good.


The rules are also just stupid.

Why should we stop buying quality games because there are lots of them?

Why do we have to give our real name?

And i doubt anyone would be 13 or under on GTAF anyway.


Edit- Reported.


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Inviting people to come and post "Yes" is basically the same as asking them to spam up the place. This isn't a petition forum. If you really must, start the petition elsewhere (outside of these forums) and include a link to it in your signature.



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