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horseshoes (49/50)


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hello, i've got a problem with the last horseshoe... in the guide it says that it's at come-a-lot in a little alley, but i can't f*cking find it mad.gif

at the background you see the purple construction a few blocks away.

i went searching for it at the construction AND at come-a-lot

but i realy can NOT find it... angry.gif can someone help me and if you can, can you make a screenshot of the horseshoe? smile.gif


thnx... kris confused.gif

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thnx for responding... but the guide (and another gta sa website) says there must be another horseshoe at come-a-lot



in the middle of the screen (the alleys) there has to be another one... dontgetit.gif but i can't find it dontgetit.gif

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wow man! you're the greatest biggrin.gif i owe you (or something) tounge.gif

i watched your supply lines-mission and you're pretty good wink.gif

thnx a lot smile.gif i'll be watching your comments in the future


greetz kris...


*topic closed!*

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