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My TXD crashes the game


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Hi. I have a problem...

I want to test my car ingame (in GTA user posted image)

But it crashes the game...

Actually, if I leave the original .txd in the .img, then it works.

I made the .txd with TXD Workshop 3.7 but it can't be opened with the old TXD Tool made for user posted image

And strangely I never experienced that TXD Tool couldn't open a GTA3 format .txd...

So I don't know where is the mistake... monocle.gif


Can someone help?



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Bottom right hand corner of txd workshop must be set to the proper game before beginning.


In this case it'd be best to open the ORIGINAL file (back it up!) and import textures over others, renaming as needed.

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Thanks!! wow.gif

I opened the working original txd deleted all the textures and imported mine, and now it works!


[However, I set the format to gta3 before saving (not before starting importing images is this the prob?), but it didn't work...]

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