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Streetcar Modshop - Access how?


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After a carstealing mission I got the notice I could tune my cars for streetracing in a special shop. It shows on my map but when I arrived there with my super GT it wouldn't open. Is there some special trick or only specific cars allowed?

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You can only mod specific cars. But it usually allows you to change at least the colour on most cars.

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user posted image
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The vehicles you can modify there are :


1) Jester,

2) Elegy,

3) Sultan,

4) Flash,

5) Stratum,

6) Uranus.


Those are the only vehicles you can modify. Use TransFender for the SuperGT.




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this guide should help you with all you need to know about different mod shop and the type of car each one allows to be modded - FiJiAn 4 LiFe
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