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Funny Squeek Noise on GTA SA (P.C)


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well i brought GTA Sa for p.c twice now and the first time i got it the game was really glitchy and make a funny squeek noise in the sound and made the voices dim out during speech, anyway i sent it back thinkin the game was broke


anyway today i brought it again thinkin if it will work now cos i reinstalled Win XP Pro and sorted the p.c out, anyway installed the game and it done it again, but this time i managed to sort out the glitchin during game play more, but i still got that noise


any suggestions?



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What's the soundcard you've got? You got the latest drivers for it etc?
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to be honest m8 i dont have a clue wat sound card it is, all i no it is a Creative ES1371 and its 6 yrs old, i just got given it


well i was thinkin that it was the soundcard, and might pruchess a trust one, direct x compatible


is it important for them to be direct x compatible?

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If you're buying a sound card, Id recomend an Audigy 2. Look for an Audigy 2 Value if you're on a budget. The Audigy 2 series is recomended for the game.

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