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The file that contains the size info for wheels that you purchase at shops in San Andreas? I know how to change the wheel size on stock spawned cars, but I want to make all the purchased wheels a little bigger. And f*ck a lion. I kick lions for fun barefooted.

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well the wheels @ the shop get re-scaled to fit the car you bring there. you could scale the model up (untested btw) but then the wheel wouldn't work correctly, and match up with the collision. you could scale them wider (a bit), but not taller.

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Thanks. This would be useful mainly for imported cars. I dont have the knowledge to do it, but if the rim is rescaled to the car, couldnt you just change the vehicles.ide so that the shop would recognize the bigger wheel? Just a random idea. I dont want to learn 10 things n order to do it, but if anyone can give me direction it would be appreciated.

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