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Since the only flyable plane in Vice City is the skimmer, why not have planes you can at least ride in? The jets that fly around Vice City and land at the airport (called airtrain, I believe) have a minimal collision file- no hard surfaces. You can move right through them.


So what I suggest is a new, detailed model, with an interior (cad data, possibly? converted to .3ds then to .dff) and a matching collision file, so when the plane stops at the airport, you can get inside (or ontop) and ride it around the city!


With a new collision file, the planes can flatten anything in its way, including cars, or you and me! A full interior, that you can walk around in! Although the planes might move outside the game's boundraries, which could cause a crash, so the plane's paths could need to be changed.


I don't think I'm good enough yet to make it myself, so anyone got any input? ideas? help? advice?

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I don't think the airtrain planes ever stop, so it might be difficult to get onto or inside one of them in the game.

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Changing the paths would get the plane to stop at the airport, so you could get on it no problem. That, or tweak the collision file so its easier to get on as its moving.

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Theres a problem with that. The collision for it is hardcoded, there is no way that I know of to make it solid, I've tried confused.gif



International Vehicle Importers

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