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How do you Port Forward?


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I'am on a router and I would like to know how to forward ports so I can start up servers in VC-MP.


please help.

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It doesn't work for me either. I guess we have firewalls in our router and have to disable that somehow.

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Yeah, i think so too!


I got 3 servers in 0.1a who i can join, (Port 5192,5195,2003)


That does me trink, that cant be a portproblem!!!

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The problem is that we can join our own servers, but the firewall must be blocking other users from connectiong, so they can't get in.

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You need to go im the config menu of your router and configure it to a DHCP server; you will then need to manually set ip address for al of you machines. I have 2 computers, one computer is the main computer that i use for games Internet and all other things and the oldcomputer, which had my MTA and VC-MP server. In the DHCP menu set the IP addresses from about to, You will then need to manually set the IP address in your LAN settings on your computers to an IP between these numbers. In my case Maincomputer is on and the old computer is on you will then need to direct those ports to the correct IP address on your computers depending on which machine your server is on, In my case i have the ports 5192 for the VC-MP server and 5190 for the remote admin console on VC-MP and the ports 2003, 4003, 2126 for MTA all directed to my oldcomputer


Of course the IP addresses will be different for each modem. Some are some are etc. Its best to read the manual. THAT WILL TELL YOU HOW TO PORT FOWARD.




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you could always try http://www.portforward.com/


but tbh i used to have a router and had nothing but problems

i could host with farcy but not halo

i think the main problem is the fact that your computer is designated an ip by the router and not yer service provider

so yer pc is saying ok here's the server on this ip 193.1678.1.1 (you're pc ip address)

but your internets ip is different


so unless you have a nat rule set up as well as port forwarding rule the any incoming packets for your pc ip will in most cases just be dropped


i don't know if it's relevant to your router but i found a wealth of information on this site



hope this helps


if not there's always my .1b server

ip port 5001

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