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Need advice getting started with creating vehicles


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I'm new to creating new models/mods for GTA. I have an idea of what I plan on making, and have 3ds Max 7. I've downloaded Kam's script for 3ds. Now I need a little help from the community to get me started.


My first design is going to be a motorcycle. I'll refrain from revealing the design I'm going for so nobody runs out and makes it before I have a chance to figure out how.


Does anyone have a model I could load up in 3ds to study how it needs to be set up?


Is there a particular article/tutorial/topic I should read that will reveal a lot of really good information that you know of?


Between those two things, I think I should be able to get a foot hold on learning to create mods for GTA-SA. Any other useful information you might have for me is much appreciated.

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I would have thought more of you would know something about where to start.


Mostly I'm looking for information about creating a motorcycle for GTA:SA


I've read many of the posts in this forum and others, I find very little in the way of explainations for building new vehicles for the game. Any help would be great.

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most of the info is centered around cars, as they are the most popular to mod. But the process for a motorcycle shouldn't be that different. i would start by loading up some of the motorcycles that come with the game, the pcj600, nrg, freeway etc, whatever type comes closest to what you want to make, and look at them. see what the model names are, how the bike is chopped up into certain pieces, and model yours to be chopped up and named the same way. naming is key in GTA, you have to have specific parts, with specific names to work correctly. they also need dummy objects, and the whole deal has to be linked properly to work right.


that might be confusing-

1. run kam's script

2. import an existing motorbike

3. check it out, all of it.


that should get you started. feel free to ask more questions

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Okay... I'm seeing what must be the Dummy objects. I also see some spots that look like control points or collision points or something. I now have a few questions.


Can I change the angle of the front fork from the 45 degree angle it sits at now to more of about 30 degrees?


If so, how do I define the the axis that it rotates on?


I am having trouble figuring out how to load the textures into 3ds. I noted the "Skin the Character" button in the importer, but I'm not familiar enough with how this all needs to be set up in order to do that.


I'm sure there is a particular texture/skin tutorial I could look at to get a better idea of how they apply. Where would you suggest I look for more information about how to load/apply textures to the model?


**NOTE: ashdexx, I took a look at the linked info you have in your sig. Much of that is quite useful, is there one in particular you think I should pay close attention to?**


I notice the control placements for the "bargrip" "headlights" and the others. I'm sure that the "ped_frontseat" and the "ped_backseat" boxes explain where to put the driver and passenger. I'm thinking the "petrolcap" is the spot you shoot if you want to blow it up in one shot. The one that I wonder about is "bargrip" does this have anything to do with the animation for CJ when he gets on the bike?


If the "bargrip" does play into the position he rests his hands when sitting on the bike, can it be adjusted to better suit the placement I want to put CJ's hands when I finish my bike?


I also wonder if I can adjust the position, pivot, and length of the "forks_rear" object?


I would be very grateful for answers to any of these questions that anyone may have.

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