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los desperados


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hi guys,


i cant recruit any members required to go with the mission to defend cesar territiry ???


i know it should be up and aim but it just dont work


by the way the same happen when i trigger gang war i cant recruit


i use ps2 control pad for my game on a pc


can someone help and tell me keyboard keys to trigger recruitment ??


i am stuck and it sucks sad.gifsad.gif

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I'm not familiar with the PS2 controller, but in the PC options, I believe it defaults to the directional pad and G and H. The up/down has never worked for me on my controller, but G and H work or you can remap it.


Target(aim) + G will recruit and call them to follow you. H will tell them to stay put.



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Default key for AIM = DEL or CAPS LOCK + G to recruit/follow you - H to disband the gang

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thanks so much guys it does work with aim (del) + G



yeah i can now have my 7 G's Mofo gang inlove.gifinlove.gif



sweeeeeeeeeeeet biggrin.gif

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