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How do I make an ultra-fast plane?


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I'd like to try out how 'good' the territory glitch works with my game. Somehow I don't have that much success. Sometimes one additional territory, sometimes none. A plane on autopilot is redirected after some time and flies in a huge circle around the city.


Now I tried to manipulate the handling.cfg, but all obvious ways to speed a plane or boat up didn't work. Did somebody find out how to make a plane that simply flies stable with ... say ... 5000 km/h?

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Thanks! That explains a lot. So the redirection is a quick fix.


I hade hope because it worked, but not very well. 3-4 territories can be gained on the PC version, as far as I experienced.


I'd like to try it with a superfast vehicle because then I can make corrections to the course and maybe this way it works. The borders are soft, so you can force the vehicle into a course by making corrections. At least it appears so. Maybe you're flying sideways, I don't know.

But there must be a way to speed a plan up. I compared them and some of them are slower than others. I simply couldn't figure out the variables that have an influence.

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