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wierd photo gallerry


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51L3N7 4554551N

There's a PS2 screenshots topic at the top. You can't miss it.


And Ottae, you should know better mad.gif j/k

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@51L3N7: Sorry, i couldn't resist sad.gif


@Topic starter: if your gonna at least try to start a new on-going-thread, make it look presentable, don't spell the topic name wrong for a start! And use capital letters where applicable, for example, "Weird Photo Gallery - Post your Weirdest Photos!"


PS: 51L3N7's right, there is a PS2 screenshots topic and a PC screenshots topic in the PC/X-Box Chat


This is not a flame, just helpful suggestions wink.gif -Ottae


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There isn't really a need for a new topic dedicated to this - just use the existing screenshots topic.



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