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Team-Up with Codename: The Grove


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Currently Seeking: Texture Designers, UVW Texturers, And TXD Editors


Hello again everyone,

With Codename The Grove just really beginning with weekly videos of progress, it's time to begin recruiting the help it will take to make this conversion really great and fun to play.

While everyone who is into modding GTA games here at GTAF is welcome and invited to join-in and offer their opinions, help, contributions, and ideas, it's still a little early to recruit a full team. Soon, the scope of things will really be coming into the shape I've been imagining all of this time and the framework of the first hurdle is already near being hopped with finesse. Roads are shaping up, and I have developed a workflow for generating land that has really sped up a lot of my progress. When the videos become exciting, then you'll hear from me with the current to-do list, updated regulary. The CodeName: The Grove website is underway, and a forum is for sure because forums rock.


Currently, in order to do things orderly to what seems the best route, with speed of initial release in mind, still keeping focus on quality, it has become apparent that it is time to make aquaintence with the first few team members and contributors to CodeName: The Grove. At this phase, textures are very important. There are many generic objects being created right now that need to look right before things expand too far. The video we've all seen here is humourous when compared to next week's. wink.gif


To keep things totally fair and open to everyone in this community, I have decided recruiting will occur in phases. Since the first phase has to do with textures and the quality thereof, an assignment is attatched for all applicants. Note that you do not have to complete this assignment to be considered or accepted into The Grove. You're part of GTAF, you're already accepted, silly. wink.gif


However, taking a shot at this assignment wouldn't hurt. Each aspect of development is going to include leaders for each department in the road to completion. So, with roads close to completion (smoooooth), the intersections of the models have got to match their rocky limbs. Here's a picture to show the future visual team I mean:


user posted image


In the above picture, I have chosen an intersection to begin with because it is the most off. Note how the center section of pavement does not match up as realism would prefer. And how I textured one fourth of it off to show you that it can be a four way texture, a full overlay, or you can even retexture the entire road and sidewalks if you like. Your first assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to assign a texture to that part of the road so that the intersection flows and promotes immersion into the game world. I will supply all of those interested with whatever they personally need to accomplish any given task, including the particular job's DFF, TXD texture resource, and Col files for personal testing (software editing of the models' textures and physical appearance is welcome and encouraged, and team members will recieve credit for each contribution they make.)


There is a to-do list, as some of you may be curious about that, but I have opted to keep it out of the spotlight for now, as there is an order to things to be preserved. And you might lose faith if you see the list before getting a peek at how much of it is actually accomplished awaiting export (there will be a nice surprise for us from a good friend of ours as modders about that sort of thing hopefully very soon wink.gif I just have some files to collect). In addition, there are also a couple of folks that I am doing some side things with that will directly benefit their ventures and CodeName: the Grove. More on that when the time comes.


Aside from the fun of making our own game, and gaining experience for various aspects of the gaming industry, We will all also reap the benefits and comradory of being assembled together as a team.


If you've read this far, then you are interested. I'm glad. This is going to be fun, even though at times things may seem a little fast paced. Hopefully the team will be successful more often than not, and I wish all of my future team mates ease of application of their skills. Though this first wave of recruiting is for texture designers, UVW texturers, and txd editors alike, all are welcome to showcase their ideas and express their opinions and desires to work on CodeName: The Grove.


Cheers, hoping to hear from everyone soon,




P.S. You can take a look at CodeName: The Grove anytime by clicking the link in my signature to stream the 4 meg video, updated weekly on Saturdays.

Visit http://www.dertyjerzian.tk soon to see who's joined the roster. smile.gif

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I guess that no one is interested in codename grove yet.


Oh well, requesting lock, delete prefered.

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Requesting Lock/Delete again. No one wants to help me yet.

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Mainly becose most of the modders are working on other projects. There is too much projects for gta sa

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yep, I know. I hate to sound all ignorant, but ah, I wont say it. It wasnt directed toward you anyway. But I'll leave this to let ya know I had negative stuff to say about some stuff wink.gif


I'll post again when I have more supporters and the word is bigger, again, requesting delete. New video in WIP topic tomorrow anyway,

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